Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Water, Trees and Sunshine - What A Perfect Week

Here are two of my finished landscape studies. I learned much. The trees are darker at the base and are lighter as their top growth. The leaves closer to the ground are dark and the leaves closer to the sky need sky color added to them. Break up the leaves in the light with your palette knife to look smaller.
The water is created with horizontal and occasion vertical strokes to make it appear as water. No side strokes.
Be sure that you do not have same shape objects. For example, the landscape I painted with the grass and bush are a little to close to being the same size. The grass should be split in two.
Also, remember to put the ground in front of the water grasses.
Trees in the background are should be grouped together. This includes flowers in general.
Remember to simplify.
In the background, the color will be lighter and cooler for distance. Do not make it green. You need to add the sky color in order to create atmosphere. There is more to learn. Another great class with Susan Sarback

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