Monday, September 30, 2013

30 In 30, Day 30 - "What's Up?"

Day 30 -  I did a quick watercolor of this kitten. I might need to make some adjustments later with the color but this is far as I am going to do tonight. 
Thank you, again, Leslie for your wonderful 30 In 30 Paint Challenge. I was inspired to pull out my watercolors  after seeing  Verna Pooler's  and Jennifer Thompson's  gorgeous work.  I have already sold several cards of the watercolor cats from this challenge and put some in a gallery.
"What's Up?"  - Watercolor On Paper

No Painting On Day 29

I had to take care of my house. Poor excuse but the house looks wonderful.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

30 In 30, Day 28 - "Sunny Whaleshead"

Day 28 -  My van was struck from behind three weeks ago and is finally out of the shop. I didn't have her for 15 days which makes it difficult to plein air paint.  I always have my art supplies in her and I didn't want to get any paint in the rental car.
Yesterday, at 5PM, I was able to get her back and I was so excited to be able to  go painting. Guess what? It rained.
Where am I going with all this? Well, I painted today but not outdoors. Instead I painted a painting from a study I did a few weeks ago.
"Sunny Whaleshead" - 6"x6" Oil With Palette Knife on Board

No Painting Day 27

I didn't get a painting done on day 27 but I did paint some stained glass faces for a friend. Once she approves them, I will post them.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thank you Tanner From Alaska

I want to thank Tanner from Alaska who bought one of my paintings today while I was at the Brookings/Harbor Port. He was passing through by bicycle and saw me painting with fellow artist and friend, Kathy Huxley. 
Tanner bought my painting of boats at the port, budgied it to back of  his bicycle and headed South.
Have a safe trip and thank you for supporting the arts.

30 In 30, Day 26 - Landscape Practice

Day 26 - I tried to paint outside today but it was too distracting so I did the next best thing. I just made this up. I used a large flat brush and just had fun painting this.
Landscape Practice  - 8"x10" Oil On Canvas Board

30 In 30, Day 25 - "Fely's II"

Day 25 - I had this sitting around and decided to finish it.  I didn't like the composition so it has sat in my studio for a while. It was time to just finish it. This is another study of Fely's Cafe and Laundromat at the Brookings/Harbor Port.
Study - Oil On Gallery Wrap

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

30 In 30, Day 24 - "Calico Kitty"

Day 24 - It is still raining here on the coast. I know I won't be hearing "Oh you poor thing". After all, any weather on the coast is still perfect.
"Calico Kitty"  6"x6" Oil On Gallery Wrap

Monday, September 23, 2013

30 In 30, Day 23 - "Love My Cat"

Day 23 - I could paint the same cats over and over, again, and never get tired of them. Here is our orange tabby in oil on a 6"x6" gallery wrap canvas.
"Love My Cat" - 6"x6" Oil on Gallery Wrap

Sunday, September 22, 2013

30 In 30, Day 22 - "Storm Chasing"

Day 22 -I love painting outdoors but with rain pouring down today, I decided to paint inside my nice warm studio.
"Storm Chasing" Study, Oil With Palette Knife On Canvas Board

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thank you

I want to thank all of you who made the Brookings, Oregon Studio Tour a success. Audi Stanton, my husband, Gerry, and I had a wonderful time. We appreciated all the art enthusiasts who came to visit, chat and purchase our art.
Thank you, again.

Friday, September 20, 2013

30 In 30, Day 20 - "Harris Beach At High Chroma"

Day 20 - I decided to paint whimsical today since it is raining here. So here is a high chroma Harris Beach painting on 5"X7" with palette knife.

"Harris Beach At High Chroma"  - 5"x7" Oil On Canvas

Cat Tail Magnets

These are a few of my magnets that will be for sale tomorrow at the Studio Tour in Brookings, OR.
I hope to see you there.

Brookings, Oregon Studio Tour

Audi Stanton invited me to be part of this year's Brookings, Oregon Studio Tour being held Saturday, September 21. You may purchase a 10 dollars ticket at the Manley Art Center or Wright's Custom Framing in Brookings, Oregon. 
We are selling paintings, pottery, hand-made books, birdhouses, plant markers, cards, hand-made jewelry, cat magnets and more. It is a one stop shopping experience.
Best part is we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American express.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 In 30, Day 19 - Orange Study

Day 19 -I took out one of many last year's class studies that I painted with brushes and re-created it using a palette knife instead. The palette knife is much faster and the color is purer.
Orange Study On 5x7" Canvas With Oil and Palette Knife

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 18 - "Another Arch Rock" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

 Day 18 - Not my best effort but an effort none the less. I tried several compositions for this popular attraction known as Arch Rock. I painted trees around it and scraped them out. Then I tried a smaller version and that didn't work. I will get a good design eventually because I am not giving up... yet.
Arch Rock Study By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - Oil On Canvas Board

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

30 In 30, Day 17 - "Fely's Cafe" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 17 - This is Fely's Cafe in Brookings/Harbor, Oregon. It is a cafe and laundromat located at the port with the best ocean view in Oregon.
I painted over an old, used canvas to practice blocking in big shapes and using a limited palette. I had fun with it. When the sun comes out, I am heading down to the port and paint this a few more times.
"Fely's Cafe" Study By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas, 8"x8" Oil On Gallery Wrap

Monday, September 16, 2013

30 In 30, Day 16 - "Harris Beach" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 16 - This was painted from a photo my dear husband took this morning at Harris Beach.  My dear Bav is in the shop getting her rear end fixed after being struck from behind.  Bav is my "Big Awesome Van"  and she carries all my art supplies. So all the supplies are in the garage and I am painting from home.
Here is Harris Beach in Brookings, Oregon painted from my studio.  I hope I get my Bav back soon.

"Harris Beach" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas, 8"x10" Oil On Canvas Board

Sunday, September 15, 2013

30 In 30, Day 15 - "Cat-A-Tude" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 15 - My friend, Lin, took this picture yesterday of this cat and I knew I had to paint it. This kitty actually has a heart shape nose and a look that only cat lovers understand. Such cat-a-tude for a little bundle of fur.
"Cat-A-Tude" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas, Watercolor, Gouache, Graphite On Paper

Saturday, September 14, 2013

30 In 30, Day 14 - "Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 14 - I created this piece from a small plein air study I painted on site last week. This is palette knife on gesso board where the paint is carefully layered in order to keep the under paintings.
"Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - Oil With Palette Knife On Board

Friday, September 13, 2013

30 In 30, Day 13 - "Garfield" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 13 - This is our old cat, Garfield. We adopted him when he was 8 or 10 years old and lived with us for over 16 years. Great cat.  We still miss him.
"Garfield" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - Watercolor, Gouache, and Graphite on Paper

Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 In 30, Day 12 - "Foggy Port"

Day 12 - This is another port painting with the fog. I was thinking big shapes and trying to keep it abstract and loose.
"Foggy Port" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas, 5"x7" Oil on Board

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

30 In 30, Day 11 - "Orange Delight"

Day 11 - It is foggy and raining so I painted this cat on watercolor paper with watercolor, graphite and gouache. I haven't painted in watercolor for a long time so I am relearning how to paint with it.  I am having fun with the colors.
"Orange Delight" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - Watercolor, Gouache, Graphite on Paper

Remembering 9/11

Our prayers continue for the families and friends who lost their loved ones. We will never forget.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 In 30, Day 10 - "Watercolor Cat" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 10  - I didn't get out to paint today so I painted this in my kitchen while talking to friends and my dear husband. It is our old cat, Boxer Thomas. Actually, I drew a cat and painted him with Boxer Thomas' markings. I sure miss him.
"Watercolor Cat" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - Watercolor On Paper.

Monday, September 9, 2013

30 In 30, Day 9 - "Another View" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 9 - If you lived on the Oregon Coast, you would probably want to paint Whaleshead every day, too. Why? It is a perfect plein air spot. A variety of wonderful compositions. Several view points. Great parking.  A picnic area. A nice restaurant. Shade and most important...clean restrooms.
"Another View" By Eva Tanner-Klaas - 5"x7" Oil On Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Whaleshead" - SOLD

Congratulations and thank you to the art collector who purchased my Whaleshead painting.  It was very nice meeting you and your wife. Have a safe trip home.

30 In 30, Day 8 - "Sunny Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 8 - I struggled with my painting from Arch Rock yesterday and decided to return to Whaleshead. It was another gorgeous day on the Oregon coast.
"Sunny Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas 6"x6" Oil On Linen Gallery Wrap Canvas

Saturday, September 7, 2013

30 In 30, Day 7 - "Arch Rock" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 7 - Verna Pooler and I painted together today at Arch Rock Viewpoint north of Brookings, OR. What a gorgeous day.
Here is my 8"x10" oil on canvas board I named "Arch Rock".
"Arch Rock" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 8"x10" Oil On Canvas Board With Brush

Friday, September 6, 2013

30 In 30, Day 6- "Another Day At Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 6 - I am still loving this spot so it is "Another Day At Whaleshead" just north of Brookings, OR.
I painted this from a higher viewpoint and I noticed Verna Pooler, another plein air painter, way down below at the beach painting a watercolor.
Great minds think alike.
"Another Day At Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 6"x6" Oil On Linen Gallery Wrap

Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 In 30, Day 5 - "Whaleshead At Dawn"

Day 5 - I painted this 9"x11" oil painting of Whaleshead at dawn. Seriously, there are a thousand painting there.
"Whaleshead At Dawn" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 9"x11" Oil On Gallery Wrap

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 In 30, Day 4 - "Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas

Day 4- I painted this at Whaleshead Beach in Brookings, OR around 8AM this morning. The morning fog was in the distance so it was beautiful.  My goal was to use limited strokes to describe this scene.
Suddenly, there was quite the commotion. A woman dislocated her knee while hiking on the beach.  Local volunteers and Cal Ore, a wonderful local  ambulance service, showed up.  The poor woman was in amazing great spirits as they used a stretcher to carrying her up the beach.
I chatted up the  park employee who was there, too, and he said there were whales at Harris Beach. So I finished my paintings and watched whales for an hour.
Ah... what an adventure. 
"Whaleshead" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 6"x6" Oil on Gallery Wrap

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 in 30 - Day 3 - "Quiet Neighborhood"

Day 3 - This is a cityscape of one of my favorite streets in Brookings, Or.  It is a quiet neighborhood on Pine Street. 
"Quiet Neighborhood" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 6"x6" Oil On Gallery Wrap

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 2 of the 30 Days 30 Paintings Challenge -SOLD

Day 2 - "The Best View" 
Here is  another 10"x10"  painting from  Arch Rock Viewpoint north of Brookings, OR.  I painted this with fellow plein air artists Verna Pooler and Kathy Huxley. 
"The Best View" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 10"x10" SOLD



Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day1 Of The 30 Days 30 Paintings With Leslie Saeta

Day1 - "Before Arch Rock"
This is a 10"x10" oil on gallery wrap. I painted it with fellow plein air artist Verna Pooler at Arch Rock viewpoint north of Brookings, Oregon.
"Before Arch Rock" By Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas - 10"x10" Oil On Gallery Wrap