Saturday, August 10, 2019

Art Donations For A Theater's Fundraiser

I had a wonderful opportunity to donate acrylic paintings to a theater's fundraiser. The requirement was they had to be 3"x 3" in size. Here are a few of my donations tagged and bagged. 
I also won an award for best acrylic. 

Azalea Art Winners and Talented Artists

I have a wonderful opportunity to instruct and work with aspiring artists. I encouraged them all to enter their work in the local Azalea Art event just as my art mentor and friend, Audi Stanton, encouraged me and her students.

Here are the results of these talented artists.

They all won ribbons!  The youngest at age 10 won Best of Class in pottery. This means she beat out all  pottery submissions in the show.  The oldest at 76 won first, second and honorable mention for her pottery and the 12 year old won third place for her watercolor.
Congratulations to all these award winning artists.