Friday, August 24, 2018

Black On Black

This is an oil painting of a black cat with black background. I took the picture on my patio to the sun is shining on the left side but you can get see the slight value change between the background and subject.

Test Tiles and Miniature Mexican Pottery Bowls

I am intrigued by these little bowls after taking a Mexican pottery class. I love the beautiful red clay and the velvet glazes..  The red clay is Navajo Red.
I am also experimenting with under glazes and transfers on the tiles. The clay is speckled buff.
All were fire to cone 5.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Stains, Stencils and Clay - Oh My

This is a fun project. I am testing stains, stencils and clay. This process is where you transfer an image onto wet clay. This has not been fired yet so it is still green ware.
I am preparing to display my new works in September, October and November in Southern Oregon and Northern California.
Black Mason Stain, Velvet under glazes and Calico Clay 

Here Kitty Kitty - SOLD

Here is one of my Mexican Pottery Cat Bowls.  It was immediately snatched up by a fellow cat lover.
Navajo Wheel clay with Velvet glazes fired to cone 05