Sunday, April 29, 2012

That is One Big Door

I finished the 3 day workshop with Terry Miura. It was fantastic. He taught how to simplify and organize a cityscape. Now, I am always looking for what I think might be the easy way out. I thought this door would be easy enough. It was easier with Terry's method but it sure wore me out as I worked to concentrate, see and be confident with each paint stroke. Basically we were learning to say more with fewer brush strokes. I struggled to simplify throughout the studies. When I returned home and showed my work to my husband, he said "That is one big door". I responded "In more ways than one".

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Learning My Darker Side

Black and White
Moved the sign to the dark to make it a focal point.

I completed the 2nd day of a 3 day workshop with Terry Miura. He is taking us all to the dark side. The enthusiastic students painted four, yes... four studies today using black and a white only. We painted a black and white  scene and then repainted it adding gray. Two studies were completed in the morning and  two different studies in the afternoon.  I looked around was was in awe at how beautiful everyone's work was. Mine not so much but I sure learned a lot more than what I thought. Terry helped out quite a bit with everyone including me. Excellent instruction.
Here are my morning attempts.
Tomorrow we will repaint them with color.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here Is My Completed Homework

We have all heard the excuse that the dog ate my homework. I don't have any excuse not to do my homework since I don't own a dog. Moving on... here are my two attempts at the unknown mountain sent as a class assignment. For extra credit, I needed to figure out which mountain it is  and what famous painter painted it. I am guessing Edgar Payne and California Hills. Which painting do you like? 
12X12 Oil On Canvas - Color Pushed

SOLD 9x12 Oil on Canvas - Subtle Color

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homework is Due Soon

I found an email with a homework assignment from Terry Miura's landscape class. I did a few sketches and made my first pass at it. I will do another tomorrow and pick the best before turning it in. Art homework is hard. There are too many things you can forget to do.
9x12 Oil on Linen Canvas

More On My Garden Markers

I went into full production on these garden markers. I think they are functional and funky.  My two favorite f-words.  I will have them for sale with their locations very soon.
Here is my square foot herb garden with my Wild Hair Woman Garden Markers to show you how they can be used.  
Pottery Garden Markers

5 Days 5 Rivers Plein Air Event in Brookings OR

Attention all you plein air artists. Coming August 13th through 17th is the first 5 Days 5 Rivers Plein Air event in Brookings, Oregon. Paint Pistol River, Rogue River, Chetco River, Winchuck River
& Smith River
Meet as a group and paint one or all of the rivers. (Bring a sack lunch/water)
Want to learn more? Contact Violet or Len Burton for maps and paint out times. Call (541) 469-9522 or email
You will want to stay to attend the Renaissance by the Sea on August 18th through 19th and enter the Quick Draw contest.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Wild Hair Woman Pottery Returns

Garden Markers In Kiln After Second Firing

I Used A Sharpie To Label My Square Foot Garden

Peas Marked The Spot

I was inspired by artist and friend Audi Stanton's incredible inedible baked goods to make  garden markers.  How did I make such a jump?  She made pies and they had pie crust.  I rolled out clay that looked like the beginning of a pie crust and cut them into slices like a pie. I then baked them in the kiln twice and got out my sharpie to make my own labels for my garden. Makes sense now, doesn't it?  Any how... here are my new Wild Hair Woman Pottery Garden  Markers. Just take a sharpie or ceramic pen and write your own label or saying.  Easy as pie.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sun Finally Came Out

After four weeks of rain, the sun came out with no pending storms.  See how happy I am to finally get to paint and cast a shadow. Hurray for the sun!
On a sad note, it is suppose to start raining on Tuesday. I can hear the cat screaming already. I am with her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Husband To The Rescue

My husband came to my rescue... he is entertaining our unhappy cat so I have time to paint. And, yes. It is still raining.
Here are paintings that I worked on since my husband arrived.

5X7 Oil on Board
9X12 Oil on Canvas
6x6 Oil on Canvas

Monday, April 16, 2012

Man Plans. God Laughs.

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost 20 days as the old saying goes, " Man plans. God Laughs".
There has been a series of storms here on the coast including 60 mph winds and  torrential downpours.  They don't bother me but the noise scares my 17 year old cat and she insists on being held. This makes it difficult to draw and paint as she screams and screams until I comfort her. 
Basically, with the severe storms for that last three weeks , I haven't done much art.  Instead, I have read a few books, including some art books,  with my cat curled up on my lap.
I did manage to paint one day at the port with fellow painter, Kathy Huxley, but that was it for plein air painting this trip so far.
During a short break in the storm yesterday, my husband  and I walked to the ocean.  It was an usually low tide so we explored the tide pools and wrote in the sand. But we both swore, we could hear the cat screaming even from the beach. Poor kitty.