Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bodies Revealed

My husband and I went to Bodies Revealed last night. What a great event! I will probably return for a second time just to take it in one more time.
It was more than what I expected. There show was all about the human body and how it works. It is a visual tour of the body and all its functions.
The muscles, the digestive system, the organs, bones, tendons - all of it.
I was amazed to see the human structure presented in so many different scenarios. The effects of smoking on the heart, lungs and other organs were quite an eye opener. I don't smoke... after this I don't want to be near any smokers.
There is one exhibit that show prosthetics devices - hip replacement, knee replacement, jaw, etc.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gessoing bargain boards

I found on bargain on oil painting boards and I was so excited that I bought about 50. They are still a good bargain but the oil paint doesn't adhere properly. They are pre-gessoed by the manufacturer but I had to gesso them, again, to make it work. After I finished the previous little oil painting, I spent an hour gessoing the bargain boards. My kitchen counter and all other available horizontal surfaces have gesso boards drying all over the place.
I will sand them tomorrow and gesso them with another coat.

"The Coast" 5x7 oil on gessoboard

This little painting was created using brush and palette knife. I wanted to study values using color this morning. I laid the value down first and then added color.
I felt more confident about painting the landscape and still editing what I don't want in the painting.
Oh, it is raining here. And we are going to see Body Revealed today. I am excited about this exhibit. I not sure how my mind and spirit will interrupt actual bodies on display.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"The Cove" 9x12 oil on canvas with palette knife

I started to have a difficult time leaving this painting alone. I started removing rocks and houses. Then I pulled plants and trees. Soon it wasn't anything like the picture. I just let it go.
I notice how I still want to repeat shapes. I am doing better on trees.
1) Analyze the picture before painting.
2) Make it your own.
3) Leave it alone overnight and DO NOT TOUCH IT.
Today I am folding my son's laundry. He is going to work and always manages to leave me with the laundry because he has to go to work. Smart kid.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Advanced Pottery Class

Monday advanced pottery class is always good. This week was how to create a casserole dish. First you throw 3 pounds of clay into a round form, no bottom, 4 to 5 inch high and 1/4 inches thick on a bat. Then you throw 4 pound plate completely flat on a bat. Let both dry about 30 minutes. Next, remove the form off of the bat and use your index middle fingers to pull both ends into a rectangular shape. Take the plate off the bat and slap it against the floor to elongate it.
Put the form on top of the oblong plate and seal.
Add handles and you have a casserole dish, serving dish or bread basket.
I guess you have to see it.
Good stuff.
Next was making clay look marbleize. Take about 4 pound of white clay and cut it into three pieces.
Take a darker clay and sandwich in between the pieces. Wedge 9xs in one direction and 9x times in the opposite direction. Throw it.

"The Cove" 9x12 oil on canvas using palette knife

I decided to use the successes from my earlier painting to do another beach scene. I am seeing more and more color. I removed houses and rocks that I didn't want in the painting. The houses made it too messy. I need to talk to another artist to learn how add houses without making them too detailed. I wish I could take a decent picture. I decided I need to stop for the afternoon so I can look the painting with a fresh view tomorrow. It is going into the freezer which is where I keep my oil palette. This keeps my paint fresh.
I am off to pottery classes tonight. I can't wait.
I need to take a nap first - oh and fold the laundry.

"The Rock" 8x12 oil with palette knife

I got up this morning and finished this painting before I started laundry. I like the progress of the ocean in the background and the simple landscape above it.
I am still learning to paint the light instead of painting the subject. This means, I want to paint the light NOT the actual object. I also need to simplify and not add too much detail.
There are good colors in the background and I don't care for the foreground. I keep wanting to jump to the end of the painting rather than lay down the appropriate colors and take my time.
I make up colors which isn't my goal in this process. Once I relax, I am able to see the color.
So here is next painting goal.
1) Relax
2) Lay down the color you see
3) Paint the light not the subject
4) Take a break, stand back and adjust the painting.
5) Have fun!! and repeat 1-5
I think painting in the morning is my best bet so I will be getting up earlier to go outside.
I guess that means I will buy bear pepper mace. Why? I run into a lot of bear when I am out and about. Some people say it is my totem.
I have run into grizzly while I was horseback riding in Montana. Of course, in Yellowstone, I have seen bear from the safe distance of my running vehicle. I have seen a couple while I was exploring Southern Oregon and while driving through Humbolt county quite a few times. I saw two on 101 less then 15 minutes apart from each other. On another occasion there was a cub sitting along side the road. There have been more encounters while driving.
While walking in the woods,I came upon one that was eating and neither of us were happy. I was pretty sure one was following me while I did my daily walk down 101 next to the woods. It sounded like a bear by the way the tree branches were crashing under its gigantic paws. It is amazing. I grew up in the country and never saw bear until the last 10 years. I mean we lived out in the middle of no where and never saw any bear. There were bear all around us.
So, I will start carrying bear mace and bells. Hopefully I won't end up bear poop. You know, the old joke. You know how to identify bear poop because it smells like pepper and has bells it. In my case, it might have oil paint and a palette knife sticking out of it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Working on a painting

I am working on a painting that requires more work. Here is the the middle stage. I had a difficult time seeing the primary warms and cools.
Heading to Body Revealed this week.

Things I found on my Daily Walk

If bras could talk, I wonder what this one would say. I took this picture on my morning walk. This bra was laying in the gutter outside of an apartment complex. Oops.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sacramento River - 5x7 oil with palette knife

I attempted a painting this morning and couldn't concentrate so I scraped it off the board.
So, I went to the county park and found inspiration. Picked up a yearly pass so I can go to all the beautiful parks without worrying about paying fees.
My goal is to learn how to paint a tree grove without the trees all looking the same using this technique with palette knife. I also want to work on my water scenes. That is why I am studying ocean and river. I still think painting cats and children are easier.
Here is my painting today. I am pleased with it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Bird Rock" 8x12 Oil with brush

My husband likes this painting. It was a start to see if I should paint a larger painting. I am still contemplating it.
Besides joining another art center and finding out the art demonstration today, I practiced a few beach paintings and later this week, I am heading to the river to paint.

The four stages of painting Harris Beach green

Here are the four stages of painting Harris Beach using green.
I decided to post this. It makes it interesting to see the stages.

Harris Beach, again

I painted another picture of the Harris Beach using more green. I am showing the first stage so you can see what colors I started with.
I like the beach color better as I pulled out my color wheel and added the compliment to the color I laid down first - mauve and then added an orange with a lot of white. I would have to look at the color wheel, again, to get the actual color matches but I think that is what is was. This is why I need to write things down.
I added the rocks into the ocean and I like this better also.
Here is the completed painting. There is a slight glare to the right. (I am procrastinating on making a small studio area to take nicer pictures. I have all the equipment - just have other priorities).

I put my oil paintings out on my porch to dry and so I won't mess with them. Out of sight - out of mind.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Here is a photograph I took while on my daily walk to the beach. I call it "Solar Power".

Harris Beach on an over cast day.

The weather has been just overcast and gray for what seems to be forever. My husband took this photograph last time we were at the beach and I decided to paint it.
Here is the photograph and the stages of my painting.
I like my sky and the far rocks. I struggled with the rocks up front but in the words of my spouse "DON'T TOUCH IT!" You can see that I didn't put in all the rocks. I think I will try the painting, again.
I used a cool palette because it is overcast but I am thinking there is more green. I didn't see all the greens with the photograph displayed on my laptop. That is how I viewed it while I painted. I downloaded the picture to my computer.
I also think I will add the additional rocks with the next painting.
If you are interested in seeing the original work, it will be for sale at Manley Art Center located in Brookings, Oregon during the months of May and June.
It is a 9x12 signed oil painting using palette knife.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where can you buy my Art?

Where can you buy my Art? I sometimes have to remind myself this question. It isn't just stacking up in my workshop and office... nor on my easels. I have been selling art over 13 years. I sincerely apologize for not keeping up my website. I am still alive and creating as fast as I can.
I have cards, prints and paintings at the Crescent Harbor Gallery in Crescent City, CA. The cards and prints are high quality prints of my favorite watercolors. Primarily they are cats. I do have a few dogs that I have painted and available.
I have sold out of the cat tail clocks but still have pins available. I have also sold out of the watercolor earrings, birdy bowls, bird houses and gourds. These are all discontinued for now.
I will have some oil paintings, cards and pottery at Manley Art Center in Brookings, Oregon from May until June. I still have a few raku pieces from my last firing that I just couldn't bare to part with but I need to make more room so... if you love pottery, please come to Manley Art Center. This means my favorite raku pieces will be for sale.
There will also be plein air paintings that I have worked on since taking two workshops with Susan Sarback. These pieces are impressionistic style. Very different than my past work. Many of the pieces are still life since the rain made it difficult to paint outside this year.
I have been invited to another art sale the last weekend of May at Feather Your Nest, again, in Brookings. This is my second art sale with them.
I do accept commissions from time to time and prefer cats. I work in both pastel, watercolor and acrylic with these commissions.
Starting next week, I will continue my studies in advanced pottery with David Bradley. He is a great instructor. I will post some of the complete pieces as I fire them.
I have several new glazes I am testing out. I also have a wonderful and rare glaze recipe book given to me. I will start making my own glazes this summer.
So much art - so little time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Do Not Disturb" Acrylic 9x12 SOLD

Here is an acrylic piece I painted that received an award at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center about 9 years ago. I painted it the night before the competition and entered it the following day. I knew I would enter a painting of a cat. I just didn't know what it would look like. I like the cloth surrounding the cat and apparently, so did the judges.
I later sold it on Ebay.
I missed this particular work so I recreated a similar one.
It is amazing when I look back at the art I did years, ago. I see the growth in some areas and in other areas, I think I lost my spontaneity.

My glass pendant

Here is a picture (again, it doesn't show how beautiful the color is with this piece)
of one of my fused glass pendants that I made over the weekend. It was so fun.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Old Fashion Roses" 6X6 Oil

My husband and I arrived home last night after a night on the town and I decided to watch my Robert Burridge dvd on florals. I broke out the oils and painted this little gem at 10:00 PM last night. I was pleased with the use of greys in it.
So,to recapture yesterday's art adventures. I created 3 fused glass pendants, visited with other artists to discuss color, glass work, art work shops, recycled materials in art, pottery, photography, composition; went to the Manley Art Center to see watercolors, and painted a small oil painting.
What a creative day!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fused Glass Pendants

Spent the best day taking a fused glass class in Brookings, Oregon instructed by Ruth Stoner. Ruth Stoner, proprietor of Glassic Designs, 1105 D Chetco Ave., has a small bathtub size kiln that she keeps busy slumping, shaping, and draping glass of all sizes, colors and shapes.
My husband and I took her beginning class together with Jeanie Gordon. What fun! We ran into two other people we know, Len Burton, a wonderful oil painter and Marge Novelle, a crafter.
Here are a few pieces my spouse and I created before they went into the kiln. I can't wait for the results tomorrow.
Also ran into Trude Zmoeling and Rob Decker down at the port. Rob Decker was creating another masterpiece of a landscape.
While we had daylight, we headed to the Manley Art Center and saw the Watercolor Society Show that is hanging at the gallery. It will be there all month. I also managed to score panel 1 and 2 at the gallery for the plein air artist and myself to hang artwork in May and June. There will be lots of beautiful paintings and pastel drawings available. I called Kathy Huxley to let her know we have two panels. I let Rob know when we caught him at the beach.
Now, we are going to dinner with artist and friend, Audi Stanton, and her charming husband, Chuck. It is Italian cuisine tonight at a place in Harbor.
I am sure we will have more adventures before the day is over.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Battery Point Lighthouse" 6x6 oil

This is a brush painting of the Crescent City, California Battery Point lighthouse.
I painted this from a photograph. I will try another composition with this popular little piece. Artist and photographers always stop to capture this wonderful lighthouse. It has great history and you can tour it when it is low tide.

Sacramento City Practice Paintings - 5x7 oil

Here are two of my Sacramento City paintings that I blocked in with color. One is more rendered and the the other is colors blocked with abstract shapes without the detail. I loving this process as I learn more to trust what I am seeing. I am trying not to overwork or muddy up the colors.
I was very excited as I began to notice the different colors within a sidewalk shadow. The dappling of color. Beautiful.

Glass Slumping/glass pendants

My husband and I just signed up for a glass class in Oregon for this weekend. I can't wait for this! The instructor is Ruth Stoner from Colorado who opened a business called Glassics Designs. I will post our results on Sunday. We will be making glass pendants.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Sitting in the Sun" Watercolor 9x12

This is another watercolor I did with the detail being with the eyes. The rest of the painting is very loose. I have sold many prints and cards of this calico cat.
I worked on oil paintings today. I reworked a start I posted earlier. I applied impressionist techniques. I also worked on a piece focusing on the abstract shapes. I will post both when I have better light tomorrow.
Good art day!

Katrina Collection

This website is one of my favorites, The art pieces are created by the debris left from the Hurricane Katrina and Gustav.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glazes and Clay

I went to Alpha Ceramics and couldn't resist buying a low fire glaze that will give my thrown pieces a unique effect. It makes them look like they are salt glazed. Picked up some supplies for Jeanie, too. Great colors for her buttons.
I then headed off to University Arts for and ran into one of their wonderful sales. I picked up Ampersand board, a self healing mat and some golden acrylics.
I also ordered body casting kits on line. I wish I would have done this when I was heavier. It would an interesting body cast. The body casts will be used for making plaster molds so I can create clay pieces and add sculptured object to the imprint of my body.

Monday, April 12, 2010

"City Start" 5x7 Oil and brush, limited palette

It is still raining so I pulled out a local newspaper, found pictures of the downtown and practiced painting cityscapes. I am back to using my cell phone so the photograph isn't the best. I will set up an appropriate area in my studio to take pictures so the quality is better.
Back to my cityscape. I am trying to learn not to be overwhelmed by painting the outdoors so I practicing with a limited palette. To me, watercolor and cat are really so much easier to paint. Oil and the outdoors - HOLY MOLY.
Cityscapes, once you break them down and remember perspective, are not as bad as I thought. It will take practice. Gee-what a concept! I need to put the same passion into painting landscapes and building with oil paints as I did with cats and watercolors.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Bella" 9X12 Watercolor - SOLD

Bella was a watercolor commission I did. Fun piece to paint. I like the tuxedo cats with the black and white faces. Like most cats, they have a playful expression.
It is wet and cold here. I am done with the rain already. I can't wait for summer. I am looking forward to swimming at the river.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Second Saturday Art

I went out to Second Saturday to ooh and ahh at the other artist. Great stuff at the Elliot Faust and downtown. The crowd was entertaining. The funniest thing saw was a chihuahua dressed in a leather jacket wearing little boots. Too cute.
There was also protesters against the Afghan war and there was a strong police presence.
The gardens are all in bloom and just stunning in the downtown area. Afterwards, we split a burger and fries at Cookies Drive In. I love this place. I hadn't been there since college about 25 years ago. Still good.
The picture I attached to this is from Ubuntu's GIMP utilities. GIMP is similar to Adobe Photoshop. I support unix-based programs.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Calla Lily Confetti" 9X12 Oil

I am experimenting with different styles as you can see from previous post. I am not sure if I like this one but I think there are good parts about it. After I uploaded this picture of the painting to my laptop, I sat and cropped parts of the painting using GIMP. (I am an Ubuntu user). I felt better about some of it. Not sure if I want to keep this style of painting.
But, I think it is important to go outside your comfort zone, make mistake and grow from it. Else, you end up painting the same tree, the same barn and the same comfortable painting. I just can't do that despite what my ego wants. You know, to show only the best - or what you believe is your best.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Wooly Bags"

Jean Gordon, a fiber artist, button maker and great friend, found two places that will sell our Wooly Bags. The Wooly Bags are approximately two ounces of sheep wool. They are perfect for fiber art projects, collages, suet cages for bird nest and more.
They sell for only a few dollars. Look for our Wooly Bags at
Feather Your Nest and A Wild Bird and Backyard General Store. If you click on the store names, you can check out their websites.

"Madonna's Tears" Clay and Raku Fired

Madonna's Tears was a piece I sculpted from clay. It was right after the last Iraqi war started and my only son joined the Marines and was heading to Iraq. When I pulled the piece from the raku fire, I was happy it survived. I started to clean the face and saw where the glaze had created drips down her face. There were tears coming from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. I thought of all the mothers' who children have gone to war. I called it Madonna's Tears.
Great piece.
By the way, my son received his honorable discharge from the USMC two weeks ago. I could not be more prouder. We love our vets and their families.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Boxer Thomas" Watercolor - SOLD

I have painted this painting twice and sold both paintings. I plan on painting him, again. I love the watercolor subject. He is so precious.
By the way, it sunny here and gorgeous. I am working outdoors on a floral. I will post it when it is done.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"There You Are" Watercolor 9X12

I can't say it enough, I love painting cats. They always have the funniest expressions on their faces. Easy to read sometimes and other times - forget about it.
I like the playfulness of this cat looking back over it's shoulder.
I have sold many cards with this little gem on the front.
I put the detail in the eyes and face. Then I loosely paint the body. I always splatter paint onto the paper as I paint. I like the look.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Warts and All" Pottery 10 X 10

This is a piece I did using cone 6 clay, bisque fired it and then glazed it this white glaze similar to snow flakes. I really enjoyed making this piece. I was pleased with the results. It gave the appearance of warts.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Marmelade Cat - Watercolor

Here is a watercolor that I painted and the gallery, Great & Small picked up. Again, I love to paint cats. You can follow the link by selecting HERE.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fear No Art

I was driving down the road thinking my art, the workshops and about my cue card art - my art with my painting thoughts and this car drove by with the following bumper sticker - Fear no Art. Check out their website.
I hear you universe!
Love it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Robert Burridge Videos are Here!!!

My Robert Burridge videos are here!!!! Hurray!!!

"Paint Anyway You Feel" 12X12 Watercolor paper and mixed media

Paint anyway you feel. You can use too much blue, not stay in the lines and spatter paint all over. Do want you feel when doing art. Forget who is watching and what they will think if you make a mess. It is all about you!
There is so much fun you can create in a matter of minutes. I captured a moment of my fun on paper today.
I think I will call these last three pieces my Cue Card Art.

I Paint for Me Me Me Me Me 12X12 Watercolor paper and mixed media

This is another acrylic on paper. Fun, fun, fun. Again, conversations with Audi Stanton.

I Paint 2 Free Myself - 12X14 Mixed media

This is a simple acrylic painting that allows me to put acrylic down quickly. It is a loosening up practice. I then stenciled over it. I love the look of altered art.
I like the results. These were conversations and thoughts I had today while learning another abstract technique with Audi Stanton. I will post the other work later that Audi showed. I am not quite done yet.