Friday, August 26, 2011

Painting A Lot of Black Backgrounds This Week

Here is yesterday's figure study. This is as far as I am going to work on it. The model was dressed as a ballerina and I was only willing to paint her from the waist up. I never got to the hands and the detail but I like the progress.
I saw the hands and legs and panicked. Once, I started the painting process I realized all the painting and instruction in the past was starting to click. My confidence slowly started to appear in the painting process. The arms were no longer a confusing problem to resolve. I kept going back and fussing with the nose rather than continue throughout the painting. I made it too wide and too long. It still could be resolved but, again, this is a study.
I did not fuss with the eyes.
I have painted a few black backgrounds this week and I see I am reverting back to old habits. I am painting the lit black the same as a shadow black. I need to relax and see.


Unknown said...

Very nice Eva! You amaze me.......

Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas said...

Thank you, Randy. I was just admiring your beautiful tulip painting from last week. Gorgeous.