Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trimming Trees

I am continuing the landscape class. Today I learned how to paint algae on water and how to paint trees.
The tree limbs get slimmer as the grow from the trunk. The trunk is darker and the limbs get lighter with the sky color added to them. To turn the trunks and limbs, I need to added color from the pond and grasses on the edges.
The leaves are not just put down as I initially did. I have to remove some from the top of the branch and group more together down below make them more realistic.
The algae is interesting. It is not as light as the sky color and a dull orange. Then pink and yellow is added. There is, also, the exposed darker water that I need to added, too. I completely ignored it but was reminded it was the interesting part of the pond. It is true it is interesting but I didn't know how to paint it so I was going to leave it out. Good catch by the instructor. This piece is not completed. I need to add the detail and fix the leaves.

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