Thursday, July 28, 2011

Profiles Are Not Easy

I worked on a portrait profile yesterday in class. I found that I wanted create the mouth and nose too long. My brain didn't want to recognize the shapes as being smaller than they were. This was even after I measured it. It is obvious that I struggled through this but I learned quite a bit.
Oh - and the model's eyes were really that blue.
I made a mistake by adding too harsh of highlight to the eye. I needed to darken the eye lashes. Using a bright brush won't work around the small detail. I need to purchase a flat brush.
I didn't put the ear in as a box and struggled to get it to lie down. The ear should be basically a few shapes and leave it.
I am still struggling with the hair but with a more practice is should become very natural.
I, also, should not make the head so big so I can get the shoulders and neck into the painting. I should leave more space.

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