Monday, August 30, 2010

Stage 3 and head to Stage 4 - My head hurts

Here is the almost complete glass study.  The focal point on this study is where the yellow bottle and the green bottle meet.  This rest of the bottles, I can take them to stage 2 and 3.  I just learned that today.  I will take the yellow and green bottle to stage 4.  I also was too mechnical with this piece.  I was told to walk away and relax a bit before I continued on the orange glass. I was making it too dark. The piece was drying too quickly and I had to re-wet it several times. This increased my frustration. I was told to look at other completed glass paintings that Susan did in the studio. I wasn't getting my stroke painterly.  I was too rigid.  So, I was pretty happy when the class was over and were alot people working independently on their pieces. Each one of us were working on different subject. At last, one artist cried out "This is hard".  We all laughed.  Learning color is hard... but, boy, is it worth it.

Remember, dull the colors. Cool the warms and warm the cools. Dull the colors, dull those colors.  

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