Friday, September 28, 2012

Trying To Stay In The Shade Else You Get Burned

I painted outside on the Sacramento River today with a fellow plein air painter. I wanted to paint the bridges in front of me and found I kept changing my values. Why? I started out in the shade and soon I was in the sun. Even when I put  up an umbrella, I couldn't get my value correct. I thought they were correct but the whole painting was too dark.  I decided to blocked everything in, go home and fix it.
"Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge" Sacramento River, 8x10 Oil with Brush and Palette Knife On Board

Lessons from painting today were  that practicing  subject with perspective improves the drawings and resolves drawing issues faster. Working with outdoors and the changing light requires working fast but it is still necessary to make smart decisions. Each brush stroke needs to be put down confidently. Compare those values and don't rush. Be sure you are in the shade stop when you are not.  Put sunscreen on the back of arms, too, else you get sunburned.   (Very important - especially around water - OUCH).

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