Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drying Clay In Your Clothes Dryer

I found a tip last year on how to dry your clay pieces with your clothes dryer. Before you attempt this, you need to know your dryer can do this .  It will come with a drying rack for sweaters.  This is an important RTFM moment.  (Read The **censored** Manual.) Speaking from experience, you also need to put it on the correct setting else everything goes flying in the dryer. I was fortunate I did a test run and only had the sweater rack in it. Again, RTFM.
Here are my greenware plant markers in my dryer. Finished and ready to be sanded after 40 minutes.
I will put the clay bird houses and beads I made today in there later and post a picture.
As I posted before, I am getting ready for next spring. The weather here has been foggy and cold so I have not painted in a few days.  There is rumor that the sun will come out tomorrow afternoon. If not, I am heading inland so I can paint or at least set up a still life.

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