Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Work At Winchuck Gardens and Nursery

I have new work at the Winchuck Gardens and Nursery located on 101 North of the California/ Oregon Border.  I finished another batch of plant markers (thank all of you gardeners who are buying them) and I am showing  more recent plein air artwork of the local rivers and landscapes along the Brookings/Harbor area. I included a cat and dog paintings, too.  (Again, thank all of you art collectors who have purchased my recent work. I appreciate it). There is a new pottery cat tail clock for sale to replace the last one sold. (Thank you, again).
I added something new for you cat lovers.  They are my pottery cat tail pins with the saying that all cat tails tell a tale.  They are on sale now so don't miss out. I am switching to porcelain so this is the last of this batch.
Plein air painting  at the Cherish The Chetco Event at the river.

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