Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lawn Ornament II

Lawn Ornament II 9x12 oil on board
I took a photo of this pickup truck on a lawn after I painted it on a Wednesday plein air get-together. The truck owner assured me that it would be there for a few months because he couldn't afford to fix it. A couple of weeks later, it was gone. I was glad I took a photo.
This was painted with a limited palette so I would focus on the values. I simplified the background. I tried not to get too detailed with the truck. I can see a slight perspective issue with the headlights. I will fix that later. 
Anyway, here is my 9x12 painting of Lawn Ornament II.


Randy Blasquez said...

I'm impressed dear lady. You did an amazing job simplifying that background! Wonderful color also. Bravo!

Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas said...

Thank you, Randy. I re-read your information sheet you handed out a few weeks ago and found it helped me organize my thoughts. Wonderful information.