Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Crackled Raku - 7X9 clay

Here is one of my raku vases. The crackling and metalic glaze doesn't show up in this picture as much as it actually is on the pottery. I used a pottery tool called Steve's tool to make the design around it. I left the black band unglazed so it would be effected by the trash I threw it into.
If you are not aware of the raku process, you take a bisque fired, raku glazed piece and fire it to about 1700-1900 degrees. Then you take tongs and pull the pieces while they are hot and put them in trash cans filled with trash such as paper or leaves. You then cover the trash can with the lid and wait for the surprise. I wait about 30 minutes and hit the piece with water.
The results are never the same.
I love raku!

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