Friday, March 12, 2010

"Feeling Blue" 9X12 Oil on Board SOLD

This is a completed painting on my easel. I painted this in my Oregon studio. My goal was to capture the planes of the apple. I continue to learn how to paint the shapes not the subject. I have to disassociate from the still life I am painting and begin to see the geometric shapes and color. I am retraining my brain not to see the apples but to see the planes and lay down the color in a logical format.
What I love about this painting was how limited the strokes are and the shadow colors. I recognize that I am beginning to see the shapes that create the apple. I could also see the plane created at the stem, the pentagon shape.
At this point, I think I am getting a successful painting about every 5 paintings. The failures are where I am learning.
I read a quote yesterday -A painting is a series of corrected mistakes.
I like to line my paintings up on a wall to remind me where I have been. This helps me see where my successes and failures have been while painting.
I should state, I started out as a watercolorist and despite what I have heard, I think oils are more difficult.

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