Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Callie" 9X12 Watercolor and Graphite on Paper

This was a friend's cat and a favorite watercolor of mine that I painted a few years ago. I painted it in less than an hour. I also used blues, pinks and created purples. The eyes are so important to me when painting cats. When you compare any cat I paint to our Boxer Thomas kitty, the face and eyes are similar - regardless of the breed.
I cut long strips of masking tape to ensure the whiteness of the whiskers. Sometimes, I will paint around the whisker rather than masking. I also mask in highlights for the eyes. Note: There are several colors in the cat's iris.
When painting with watercolors, I also leave the color and do not dab. I like to squeeze the excess paint from my brush onto the paper and let it drip.
I like to paint standing with the paper in my hand. My husband has observed on several occasions me dancing with a paint brush in one hand, a watercolor in the other and me humming a happy tune.
Obviously, it brings me joy!

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