Friday, June 1, 2012

You Hike It In. You Hike It Out.

I took another plein air adventure today by going out to a secluded area on the Winchuck River below the Ludlum House.  I noticed immediately the bear tracks in the mud and sand.  There were, also, bear warning signs around.  That did not deter me. I had another plein air artist who I knew I could out run. You know the old joke, you don't need to out run the bear just the other person.
The day campsites gates were closed  due to budget so we had to park our vehicles and hike in. I went as light as I could with my equipment  which was smart. What wasn't smart was I only had small tubes of transparent oil and no opaque. I assumed I had all my materials in my carrying bag. I grabbed a cheap board which didn't help either. So, I fought my material which any artist knows is a headache.
I hiked it in and I had to hike it out twice. I had a wet painting and didn't bring the carrier attachment to my guerrilla box. So that was an extra trip up the hill and to my van.
Photo of the Winchuck River in Oregon
I did enjoy painting and  cooling myself in the 45 degree water. I waded out just long enough to cool down. I saw a frog, Oregon swallowtail butterflies, a not -so- skinny dipper  and minnows. I enjoyed my lunch listening to the water and sitting in the sun.
It was great paint day.  Thank you, again, God.

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