Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Painting Cats in Oil Means More Practice

I have mentioned more than once that I painted cats in watercolors. I would draw the feline and if I saw I drawing error, I wouldn't erase it. I would just correct it by drawing over it. That gave my work an interesting effect.
I used a limited palette of paynes grey, phalo blue, quinacridone gold and permanent rose.  I would leave the white of the paper, use large brush strokes and let it all drip. I would spatter and scrape the piece until I was happy with the results.  My focus was the face. I would paint the eyes first. That was the most detail I would put in the painting.
I am trying to create a similar effect with oils and having a heck of time. I am trying not to put too much detail in and keep the painting loose. Instead, I find I am overworking it and have to redraw the cat over and over again. Frustrating.  But I guess we all know what that means. Practice, practice, practice.
Here is a quick study of Sheeba. Our Siamese cat.

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