Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Balancing Light and Dark

When I took my first college art class, I was told by my instructor that I had no anger nor passion because I had no dark in my drawings. They were all too light.  I heard him loud and clear and tried to push my work darker and I still struggle with it today. Now, I afraid to push my work too light.

Today I struggled with the same problem in Randy Blasquez''s class. She instructed us on how to paint a beautiful under painting using transparent paints.  Once that dried, we worked to keep the under painting showing. It was challenging.
I loved the assignment. I kept some of the under painting but I didn't push values in the light enough.
Once afraid of the dark and now afraid the light.  I will find balance.
Notice how my vase got smaller and my roses bigger. What was I thinking?
Finished study.
Under painting.

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