Monday, June 18, 2012

Resurrecting Boxer Thomas

Our old tom cat, Boxer Thomas,  passed away a few year ago. He was my inspiration for cat watercolors and I stopped painting cats after he died.  A year or so later after Boxer Thomas' death, I struggled a few times to paint him in oil and gave up. I decided this week to try a different approach.  Limit my palette, use a loose, bright under painting  take my time, think shapes rather than the cat and put down each brush stroke like I meant it.
Here is my first pass at Boxer Thomas. I am really enjoying resurrecting this cat.
I need to fix the right side his face a bit. Darken and reshape his  right eye and adjust the color under his right ear. So I am taking a short cat nap first and then back to painting.
"There You Are" 6x6 Oil On Canvas

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