Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend on a Lake

I spent the weekend on Rollins Lake at the Lakeside Inn. Great little inn that had cabins available with a patio on the side, cable tv and internet access. We were happy it was available because it was raining. Enjoyed a slippery walk to the shoreline and eating berries on the way. Not the ones close to the ground. You know... the ones within peeing distance of local animals.
I forgot my paints but realized, I didn't really want to stand outside in the rain. We enjoyed the electric fireplace and the cozy chair. Curled up and watched documentaries we don't get to see since we canceled cable. Ate cheese sandwiches and listened to the rain. It was nice.
I came home and finished my drawing homework. I am still working on value studies. It is important to notice that the shell is not as dark as the tabletop behind it. The background is the darkest; therefore, the rose is not as dark as I made it. Good lesson.

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