Friday, October 22, 2010

Raining on my Block Study is a good thing

I put my block study out this afternoon and made sure I had a good drawing. Then I finished laundry and put things away. An hour later, I returned to my block study and realized it was raining. I knew it was overcast but didn't expect the rain.
I started my block study as if it were a sunny day and couldn't get it as cool as it needed to be.
My tablecloth should have been very cool instead of a dull yellow. The red block should have started as a cool magenta on the light plane. The pink block's light plane might have been a cool purple. Instead, it was all warm in the light planes and this is incorrect for an overcast day, let alone a rainy day.
There were no shadows that I could see.
Good study because I learned to trust what I know. Cool colors on the light planes when overcast or rainy.

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