Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plein Air study 10/16//2010

This weekend, I am spending my time learning more about the impressionist style of plein air. Here is my incomplete study. I still need to break up the lines in the distance. I learned to put the sky colors into the water, ground and vegetation. Also, so keep it all dull.
Oh - and it is hard.
If the water appears blue, begin a pink color. If the water is green, begin with a yellow color. The sky, on a sunny day, you will put down a light yellow and later put blue over it. Light blue. Then, at the third stage put a touch of pink with a lot of white. Then add a darker blue at the top of the sky.

When it comes to reflections, darker objects reflect lighter. Lighter object reflect darker. Interesting. So much to remember. Only 10 percent with be retained.

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