Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yesterday - All My Memories Seem To Fade Away

I hope I remember what I learned yesterday in the figure painting class. It was another exceptional lesson as that we were forced... no that's not the word. Given the opportunity
There we go ... given the opportunity to paint three 50 minute figure studies. I thought I was comfortable with portraits but this session shoved me out my comfort zone. I went kicking and screaming. Splattering paint everywhere, throwing lines down with no logical thought, making up values and mushing my colors. Despite all this and having to control my art's tourettes (talking and cursing out loud to the painting), I finally got through the class. Bad paint session as I made every mistake possible. Great learning session as I made every mistake possible.
I need to measure better, learn and practice gestural drawings, and keep my paint strokes next to each other. DO NOT be afraid of white. It is needed to make the flesh tones. Don't over mix oil paint. Foreshortening - think of cylinder shapes. Clothing is painted around the form. Keep shapes simple and SEE. Oh and practice, practice, practice.
All three of these studies were worked on by a patient instructor, Terri Muira.

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