Monday, September 12, 2011

Color Study

I had a wonderful day painting this color study. They are fun and force you to see. This piece is unfinished. I spent approximately 6 hours on it and will need another 3 more to complete it.
The bottle neck needs to be darker. It is darker than the bottle's left side shadow. There is a dull pink on the side closest to the blue. I need to make variations in the colors so the bottle will not look flat.
The shell does not need a lot of detail to create the illusion of a shell.
I was reminded to break up the shell's darkest shadow color. This will make it lie down.
The table cloth was painted with yellow and I would normally put down a cerulean blue. Instead, I asked what the instructor would do. I was told she would use a viridian. I added it on top of a light yellow. I, also, was told not to blend to a hard line. Keep it loose.
See how much you can learn from a color study. They are a great learning tool.

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