Thursday, January 12, 2012

Painting So Much I Didn't Have Time to Post

I am catching up on my postings today. I have been busy studying, painting, practicing and learning.  Here is the completed study from the School of Light and Color.  I whined out loud a few times during the painting process. Why?  I couldn't see that the magnolia and the shadow were the same value. I asked the instructor if I have been painting my shadows too dark all this time. Thank goodness she is a patient teacher. " No,  the value of the shadow and the flower are, in fact, the same", she explained.  "Squint harder".  I squinted and squinted and I still couldn't see it. She finally mixed the paint and put the value down for me. I am telling you, this was a difficult study and  a perfect learning tool!
8X10 Color Study

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BeeGee said...

Just beautiful, Eva. You captured the differing fragilities of the glass and flower!