Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moving the Horizon Line

It was a beautiful day on the coast with whales going by and sightseers.  I went out about 10 AM and painted until 4:45  PM with fellow painter, Rob Decker.
I started the morning  with a warm up painting of the park entrance road surrounded by trees on an 8x10 board.
I then turned my attention to the ocean and did a few value sketches. That is when I  asked Rob his thoughts  about moving the horizon line of the ocean and sea. I wanted to know was it better to paint what I saw or adjust the horizon line down between a large rock.  He thought I would run into a perspective problem.  I decided to paint both. It was fun. I put the 5x7 boards next each other on my easel and painted them side by side.I need to add some branches and a few waves but here are the results.
As you can see, these are similar to yesterday's studies but with more detail.
Park Entrance painted on 8x10 board with oil
Ocean Study with Horizon Line Lowered painted on 5x7 board with oil

Ocean Scene Study with Normal Horizon Line painted on 5x7 board with oil

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