Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Great Fishing Adventure

 I love to fish and I love the ocean.  When I combine the two, though,  I get very seasick. A fellow plein air painter recommended an over the counter medicine which I am happy to say worked perfectly.
I tested it first on land for side effects and then at sea.  To determine if it would truly work, I needed to eat the same thing I did for breakfast the last time I went out and was violently ill.   I enjoyed a raisin cinnamon english muffin and watermelon that morning. By the way, it was delicious.
Marius and I heading out at 7:00 AM.
One hour before fishing, I ate  breakfast, took one pill and then  headed out onto the ocean with my dear friend, Marius.  I was fine  until we  stopped the boat a few miles off Bird Island at 130 feet deep. We were fishing for salmon.   The wave action seemed to pick up so the small boat swirled in circles.  I started to taste the raisin cinnamon english muffin I had for breakfast.  By the way, it was still delicious.
Me before the second seasick pill at 8:00 AM. 
I took a second pill - which is the full recommended dose and felt pretty good. No chumming,  dry heaves or  wanting to die . It just made me sleepy which was no concern because I had no plans of operating any heavy machinery that day.

Not a care in the world at 8:30 AM.  I had four layers of clothes and very comfortable. 
The real problem came when the ocean started to get rough. The wind  kicked up a notch and our fishing gear got tangled up together. We had drifted several miles north to Cape Ferrelo when the GPS lost communications.   I guess we were kind of lost and in a fog bank. 
I had no idea where land was but was feeling so good I didn't care. I was fishing in a boat on the ocean and my breakfast was still where it should be... in my digestive tract.   I wasn't panicking about getting back to shore because  I trust Marius' ocean and boating experience.
Once the GPS re-established a connection to the satellite, we were able to slowly make our way back to the port.  
Marius and I  returning without a fish at 9:00 AM. Notice the fog bank in the back.
After the boat was trailer-ed, we had to see what the successful fishermen and women were cleaning at the fish cleaning station. There was a halibut, some tuna and this Mako shark caught off of Newport.  It was found in about 54 degree water which is amazing.
Marius and I headed out for more breakfast and talked about the great  fishing adventure we just had.

Mako shark at the fish cleaning station and one reason why my husband won't go into the ocean.

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