Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Fish For The Halibut

I love fishing.  When I was four years old,  I would go out in a small boat with my  seven year old brother and we would fish all morning.  As I got older,  I would  play hookey from school to fish. On my honeymoon night, I was ice fishing.   I truly love fishing. There is just one little problem. I get very sea sick on the ocean.  I have tried everything yet I keep going out testing new things. Nothing works.   I have to  accept that I am going to get very sick, it isn't going to be pretty and it will be annoying to my fishing partners. 
So today I captained the boat about 5 miles off shore in the Pacific Ocean.  Me and my gracious fishing partner were fishing for halibut.  The waves were a few feet high so I laid down to fight off sea sickness when both our fishing lines started to go out. It meant we both had a fish. It turns out we had caught the same fish. A 42 pound halibut. We each reeled in about 275 feet of line until we brought it into the boat.  Then I  daintily chummed my morning breakfast into the sea. This meant we would head back in and as always, I vowed I will never go out again... right. 
Here is the fish and it was delicious. Oh and thank you, Marius, for bringing me back to shore, cleaning the fish and sharing it with me.

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