Friday, March 22, 2013

Making A Big Deal Out of Nothing

We have all experienced trying to find something interesting to paint when we are outside painting. The classic story was told in yesterday's landscape class.  The plein air artist drives around for hours trying to find something to paint outdoors and the sun goes down.  Hence, you lost a day of painting. This happens to all of regardless of artistic skill or level.
The solution. Don't focus on the perfect picture.  Find something ordinary right in front of you such as an uninteresting tree, car, sign, rock, etc.  Draw and paint it as a focal paint with contrast, sharp edges and then add the surrounding objects with little detail.  Paint them as shapes.  Put the highlights on your focal point at the end. Yes - you still need to think about composition. I love this idea. Sounds simple but can you do it?
Here is an example. I spent less than an hour and a half on this in class just to get the understanding. I simplified the street scene from the original photo as a wall instead as businesses and trees.
"Rendezvous" Study 9" x 12" Oil on Canvas Paper

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