Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm An Artist Not Cat Food

I was up and early painting this morning on the Winchuck. I was painting trees and not relationships and values so they weren't my best work. Then I decided to go home, feed the cat and myself. I needed a break. I returned feeling refreshed and positioned my back to the woods. It was nice and shady with a perfect view of light and darks.
I started a new painting with palette knife and I was happy. Suddenly all crows were screaming and then flew away. The woods went quiet. The hair on the back of my neck went straight up. Something big was behind me. I grabbed my palette knife and ran to the other plein air artist, Rob Decker, down by the river about 100 feet away.  We both stared back into the woods and decided it wasn't smart to be that close to nature with your back turned.
I was thinking it was a cougar looking for cat foot. Rob jokingly called out " Kitty, kitty". Something big moved, again. I went back, reluctantly, to retrieve my  van, art gear and the paper towels I through into the air. I parked right next to Rob's and stayed there the rest of the day.
What I learned today?  I would rather be an artist than cat food. Hopefully a wiser one after this experience. So for those of you who love plein air, don't paint with your back to the woods. Oh and never turn your back to the ocean. Sneaker waves.
That's my tip for the day. Meow!

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