Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brush, Under Painting and Yosemite Study

I did two studies in class the other day with different under paintings. This is one where I used local color for the under painting.  It is a small 8X8 . I painted the sky with a blue under painting,  Half Dome was grey blue, the  pine trees in the light were orange and the dark were purple and green.  I painted the land mass in the sun transparent ocher and the shadow magenta with a touch of ocher.
I found the sky too dull so I used a palette knife with very light lemon yellow and then cerulean blue with a lot of white and knifed over it  without blending. I then added just a touch of very light pink.
I continued the painting using only a brush.   I lost the under painting to the tree because I changed the value and over painted.  I did manage to keep the beautiful under painting. on the land mass.  In shadow land mass, I put a few strokes of paint to dull down the bright magenta.

I think the pine trees and Half Dome are not different enough in value. I will need to lighten Half Dome without making it as light as the sky.


Unknown said...

Eva, I love how this one came out. Love what you did with the sky. As far as the value of the trees vs. mountain - are they at the same angle going up? If so the value would be very close. Not so with most mountains, but Half Dome is straight up!
The foreground came out great too. Congrats on getting that underpainting to say something there.....

Eva Marie Tanner-Klaas said...

Randy, Thank you for you explanation of the similar value. The other painting is sitting on my balcony drying before I lighten the sky.
I am going to take the most successful study and create a large 3X4 painting.