Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can't see the Forest

Isn't that an expression? You can't see the forest for the trees. Well, today I was sitting in the forest looking at a beautiful scenery of mountains, trees, forest and blue sky with just the hint of river below. I simplified the entire scenery by reducing the mountain with the forest covering it and focusing those trees up front. I love the triangle shapes in this study and I left the blue shadow created by an unknown tree you can't see on the far right. Oh and I took my shoes and socks off, rolled up my pant legs and enjoyed a beautiful day painting.
While painting, I was interrupted by a cell phone call only to find out it was another plein air painter, Rob Decker, calling me. He was about 20 yards in front on me and had a question. I hung up on him and walked over to see what he wanted. He was all upset that I hung up on him. He was joking, of course.. or so I think. I still don't know what his question was. By the, Rob Decker is a top pastel artist. Check out his art on Etsy.

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