Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Struggle With Gray Areas

I learned how to use a tombow pen and a niji waterbrush for my class this weekend that taught you on the go wash. No soap and bathtub needed. This easy art project is done with a few inexpensive tools. A black tombow pen, a waterbrush to hold your water, a pencil, a sharpie ultra thin pen, eraser and 140 pound 9X12 watercolor paper tablet. BTW - it was fun.
David Lobenberg conducted the class with his legendary style. He always keeps the enthusiasm up - or maybe it was just me. I was so happy with this technique I chatted away and that it me caffeine free.
Here is the day 1 lesson examples. I learned that I still struggle with gray areas but I do like the tombow and adding water. We traced several drawing, created square boxes and practiced the tombow with a waterbrush. Then we went outdoors to continue.
The pictures below were drawn with pencil and then outlines with a Sharpie ultra fine pen. If you wanted, you could erase your pencil lines. I like to keep them in.

I was also reminded to not make straight lines straight. Break them up.
Notice all my notes around the drawings. I consider that part of the art.

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