Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 2 - Plein Air Gutter Art

This was day 2 of the class I took with David Lobenberg. Still can't believe you can have this much fun outdoors with paper, water and color. Good class.
Here are the rest of my studies.
My cherub isn't a very good piece but it showed my initial complaint about why I was taking the class. Everything I have recently painted in watercolors was going gray and, even though I am keeping the white paper, the study looks... mushy. Yes- mushy. It was a good lesson and showed that I am trying to work too many values into a study that it suppose to be a 3 - 4 value study. I was overworking the piece with the water pen. My notes from Day 1 clearly state not to go back into the tombow ink until it dried. I couldn't wait so I messed up the face with my need to hurry the process.
Oh, and when we went outside to draw the Fair Oaks Coffee House and Deli, I spent over an hour drawing, o sitting on a curb with my feet in the gutter. Who would have guessed that art would put me in a gutter? I will call the piece "Gutter Art".
Oh and no pun intended, check out my cans.

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David Lobenberg said...

Wow! What a pleasure having such an enthusiastic student as you in my workshop. Yes, indeed, you ended up in the gutter but with the pens and Niji waterbrush, you felt you were in heaven! I think you did quite well. We always can improve and I'm quite confident that you will!