Friday, April 23, 2010

Harris Beach, again

I painted another picture of the Harris Beach using more green. I am showing the first stage so you can see what colors I started with.
I like the beach color better as I pulled out my color wheel and added the compliment to the color I laid down first - mauve and then added an orange with a lot of white. I would have to look at the color wheel, again, to get the actual color matches but I think that is what is was. This is why I need to write things down.
I added the rocks into the ocean and I like this better also.
Here is the completed painting. There is a slight glare to the right. (I am procrastinating on making a small studio area to take nicer pictures. I have all the equipment - just have other priorities).

I put my oil paintings out on my porch to dry and so I won't mess with them. Out of sight - out of mind.

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