Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back home

I did not want to come home from the wonderful town of Mariposa. The whole trip was incredible. I spent the day before leaving sketching St. Joseph Church and enjoying the food. I can honestly say I may never never find another scone and sandwich like the one at Jantz Cafe and Bakery nor will I happily dine like I did at the Charles Street Dinner House.   Each bite was more heavenly than the last. 
Before heading out each day to Yosemite, I attended daily mass at St. Joseph  where I truly enjoyed Reverend Steven's homilies and the friendly parish. I highly recommend going by the church and taking a self-guided cemetery tour. Yes - a cemetery tour. The church was built around 1862 and has much history to share.
St. Joseph Church in Mariposa, Ca

My husband and I also visited the oldest working courthouse. Here is Gerry sitting in the judge's chair. 
Here comes the judge.

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