Friday, November 9, 2012

Fixing Stinkers

I have what I refer to as a stinker stack in my studio. It is a stack of paintings that I don't like.  I don't like them for numerous reasons. Mainly it is because I didn't know what to do  or I didn't properly plan it.
I got up early this morning and thought I should troubleshoot a few to see if I can make them better.
Here is one such painting.  Previously,  I posted a painting of  the Social Security Bar which I thought had too much information. I overly described everything. I needed to learn to simplify the gravel bed so I took the photo into the landscape class I am taking.  I was shown on this painting how to suggest the rocks. Great lesson but I painted a lollipop tree off the right that I didn't like so I put it into my stinker stack.
I looked at this piece this morning and lopped down the lollipop tree.  I think this took some stink out of this study.  I realize the water needs more value changes, color and reflection and I will note that on the back when I repaint it.  Yes - I put notes on the back of my studies to remind me what I need to do to paint the next one better.

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