Monday, November 21, 2011

I Think I Need A Bigger Brush

First of all, I am trying to type this on my laptop on my lap and the cat insists she wants to be on my lap, too. So, she is trying to hurry this blog post along. Cats have priority in our house.
I have been in my studio painting a large 3 foot by 4 foot painting of the Yosemite studies I did last month. I found out a few days ago that  I needed to paint it in a landscape format rather than the portrait format I did. That is kind of important to know when painting a large scale painting. I thought I had worked out all the bugs with this portrait studies and was confident I could do this.  But, if this is my biggest problem, shame on me for complaining.
Plein Air Painting on the Coast
So, here is my progress so far. It is going into a financial planner's office. He has been very patient waiting for this.
3'x4' Oil in Progress
Oh and in between this large painting, I run out to paint with Rob Decker and Kathy Huxley at the beach.  By the way, Rob Decker is now considered a national artist. He is working with the National Parks.

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