Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Art of Returning Defective Merchandise

My husband calls me the "Return Queen" because I have expectations of items I purchase and I do no hesitate when these expectations are not met to return them. If they don't wash well or break down after a few uses, I take them back to the store I bought them from. He says I have made it into an art. I helped people who were told they couldn't be reimbursed get their hard earned money back. I have helped my son return things by going straight to the owners and it all about being polite and respectful. In today's world, just being polite is a lost art!
Recently, our microwave started to get warm on the outside. When it started to spark underneath, I unplugged it immediately. By the way, I unplug all our appliance when we leave the house for more than a day just to be safe and I believe the pennies I save on the electricity does add up.
This practice was reinforced when I started to read the problems and recalls of certain appliances. In particular, our microwave!

I contacted Consumer Affairs and made a report and suggested with the amount of problems with this product, it should be recalled. I contacted the corporation that made it with the same recommendation. I, also, contacted the home improvement corporation's customer service, explained by problem and asked how what I needed to do to be reimbursed for this dangerous, faulty product.
I had the item less than a year and I did not have a receipt. The corporation contacted the store I bought it from. That store manager, then, called me and said no problem returning it. When I arrived, they were polite and gave me store credit. (I explained it was on sale at the time so I did not pay full price. I love a bargain so I know I bought it on sale).
There is an art to returning defective merchandise. Be polite and follow-up. Let everyone involved know who you have contacted and describe the problem. It works! I rubbed off on my husband. After returning a defective laptop, he stopped a restocking fee from being charged to us. I was impressed.

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