Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Tree Topper from Scratch

My husband and I put up our little Christmas tree yesterday and decided to make our own tree topper.
I cut a paper towel cardboard roll to size. I stapled a copy of Silent Night around the roll to cover up the cardboard. I then stapled tissue wrap from a present to make the skirt. I use to save Victorian pictures from calendars and found a perfect angelic face from one of them. I then took a copy of a butterfly, cut it in half and glued the wings to the back of the angel. I stapled her to the front of the roll and added a sticky that says remember. The remember was my husband's idea.
I had two, small, felt shoes that I stapled to the bottom of the roll.
She is now on top of our tree. My husband enjoyed the process just as much as I did. It was fun.

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