Sunday, October 8, 2017

RollIng In The Mud

I am finally able to get back to rolling in the mud with my slab roller.
I am working with GR pottery forms that I purchased from Alpha Ceramics in Sacramento, California and plaster molds from a garage sale. The clay I am using B-mix with grog
The final pieces were painted with Amaco Potter's Choice,  fired at cone 5 with a medium setting and held for 10 minutes.

Greenware plats and trays using  B - mix with grog 

Platter with painted Potter's Choice Textured Turquoise andSmokey Merlot.

This is how it looks on my beach style place setting.  I love the size because it fits perfectly over my charger.

Smokey Merlot on the top piece. 

Left to right on the bottom piece is  Textured Turquoise,  Textured Turquoise  over Smokey Merlot,  Smokey Merlot,  and Smokey Merlot over Temmoku.

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