Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 4 - Winchuck River and the 5 Days 5 River Plein Air Event

Winchuck River Bridge
I headed out in the misty fog this morning and met at the other plein air artists at the Winchuck River. We started painting for about an hour and half. My paint would not stick to the canvas because of the mist.
I put up an umbrella and looked at all the white pits in my canvas. The paint would not stick.
I pulled out a gesso board to work with palette knife rather than the canvas on board. I used charcoal on my drawing,  tried to wipe the residue off and the charcoal smeared all over the gesso.The air was so thick with moisture I could not paint with oil.We all got in our cars and headed to Audi's studio to paint.  Much better.
I hope tomorrow is a dryer day.

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