Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Wonderful Days In An Rv

I just got back from 10 wonderful days in an RV with my husband. We visited Lassen National Park where I painted about one hour. I was distracted by hiking Bumpass Hell and seeing the beautiful sites. Then we headed to Oregon to visit friends. Next was Patrick's Point where we hiked all day and I did environmental art with driftwood and rocks on Agate Beach.
We later hiked through Trinidad and visited the Humbolt State University Marine Laboratory.
We stopped in Eureka at a wonderful natural food co-op and then continued to the Mendocino coast. We stayed two days at Westport and came back home.
Best vacation ever. The weather was great and it was fun in an RV. We rented it from Cruise America in Citrus Heights, CA. It was half off and was a deal for 10 days. I highly recommend it if you want the RV experience without buying one.
Think about it. If you buy one and use it only a a few times a year, you are paying insurance, maintenance and, perhaps, storage.
This way, you don't have an RV payment and you get to turn it in at the end of the trip.

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