Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zorn Palette and Learning Portraits

I am learning how to paint portraits and figures in two classes as I move to more advanced studies. I decided after 4 weeks the figure painting I needs to take a portrait class, too. I need a refresher course with portraits. It hasn't been quite a year since I started studying still life. Basically, a portrait is a made up of all the parts of the five basic shapes. There are five, right?
I was told I would be using the Zorn palette which consist of the primaries. Black for my blue, cadmium red for my red and yellow ocher for my yellow. I, also, found out how to make yellow ocher with transparent red oxide and cadmium yellow or lemon yellow. It makes a nice ocher.
I am re-learning the ratio of a head. I have studied it in the past but have not continued practice as life's distractions took me in another direction. It happens. Bright shiny thing syndrome (BSTS)
Here is my study from last night. I am learning to block in the face. The background and shadow colors, you use a lot of turpenoid. Big brush strokes for the background. Also, wipe the brush after 3 strokes, dip and brush 1-2-3 and wipe. This will teach you not to "lick" the canvas with your brush. Sounds gross.
The instructor demoed the other stages and it was good. The tip I remember most is always start at your last brush stroke. Don't dab all around.
I like the measuring aspect of this instruction, too, regarding the face. It is a very logical approach.
I was told to paint 100 portraits. Sounds like I have get my planner out and schedule this in.

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