Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Should Have Mentioned This...

Yesterday's William B Park studies were done at different times. The brush study was started at 9AM in class and the palette knife study was started around 12:00PM as class started to end. The palette knife study took less than two hours plus it was a small canvas.
Terry Miura demonstrated on my class work how to paint the tree. After I finished the class study, I asked for critique. I  was told to adjust the lower bushes' saturation, fix my bike trail perspective and dull down a pure transparent shadow color with an opaque.
I thought I should mention that the palette knife was completed after class. I want to start reinforcing what I just learned .
I returned later that evening to paint the same landscape this time to paint the different time of day.  I found I couldn't keep up with the quickly setting sun.  This was good to know. I have to return earlier in the evening to accomplish this goal.

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