Monday, April 23, 2012

Wild Hair Woman Pottery Returns

Garden Markers In Kiln After Second Firing

I Used A Sharpie To Label My Square Foot Garden

Peas Marked The Spot

I was inspired by artist and friend Audi Stanton's incredible inedible baked goods to make  garden markers.  How did I make such a jump?  She made pies and they had pie crust.  I rolled out clay that looked like the beginning of a pie crust and cut them into slices like a pie. I then baked them in the kiln twice and got out my sharpie to make my own labels for my garden. Makes sense now, doesn't it?  Any how... here are my new Wild Hair Woman Pottery Garden  Markers. Just take a sharpie or ceramic pen and write your own label or saying.  Easy as pie.

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