Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Figuring It Out

Painting live models has been fun. Most of the time, though,  I just can't figure out what shape I am seeing.  I stand with a confused look on my face for what seems like several minutes.  You know the look. Mouth open, eyes squinting, brush in one hand trying to mime the strokes. I usually mumble to myself  while I am doing this and shake my head in disgust.  At the end, I either  ignore that part of the painting,  make it up or I get an "aha" moment. These studies were a little bit of both.
In the top piece, the model was sitting with his knee tucked under him. It was foreshortened. I left it alone. I, also, didn't do much to describe  his hands.
The other piece, I got too indecisive about small things.  I wouldn't commit myself to my drawing nor to the shadow and light.
Still a great paint day.

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