Thursday, October 25, 2018


These are two styles of plates created using paper plates as templates with Navajo wheel -  a beautiful red clay.
The plate with the handles was fired with potter's choice and a red oxide stain to cone 5.
The one without the handles was first fired with velvet under glazes, pastel ceramic glazes, and a 50/ 50 mixture of Gerstley borate with a powdered stain and fired to cone 08. Adjustments were made to the colors with the velvet glazes and a clear glaze was brushed over the top surface.
Sea and Sand - 5 inches, High Fired Navajo wheel, Potter's Choice,  Red Oxide

Flying Too Close To The Sun  - 5 Inches,  High fired Navajo Wheel, Variety Glazes

How was the swallow created? 
1. Brush three layers of the  50/50 mixture of Gerstley borate with a powdered stain mixed with distilled water onto  large ceramic plate/flat surface. Wait for it to dry between layers. 
2. Print out your favorite clip art onto your basic printer paper. 
3. Place the clip art face up onto the plate with the dried mixed so you can see what to draw. Use a pencil to make the lines thicker. The 50/50 mixture acts like carbon paper and will stick to the backside of your paper. 
4. On wet green ware - clay that has not been fired, place the image side transfer face down onto the clay and  gently rub the design transfer.   

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